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Pattern Review: The Reznor Skirt

The Reznor Skirt by Elbe Textiles is one of my absolute favorite skirt patterns to make (and I’ve made four to date!). It’s simple to construct but detailed enough to be a wonderful statement piece in your closet. I’ve never been one for pencil skirts because of being pear shaped and never finding the right fit for my larger backside. The Reznor skirt however makes me feel comfortable because it has an attached lining inside that hugs the hips in a natural way without my bum sticking out unnaturally. The pattern can be made in a variety of knit fabrics but knits with drape lend well to the pleat view, which to me is such a timeless yet modern take on the classic pencil skirt look.

In an effort to make my closet more transitional and interchangeable I wanted to make a classic black Reznor but with a unique edge to it. This Lexington ponte knit was such a wonderful choice in fabrics for what I wanted. As a sustainable fabric advocate, I love that it has 65% viscose in its make up but doesn’t lose the sturdiness and composition that ponte knits are known for. Instead the viscose fibers lend to a smooth and clean hand and a lovely soft drape. In terms of quality, the fabric makes the skirt feel like a high fashion designer off the rack item when really it was just made by my home sewing machine. I absolutely love that. Stepping into a skirt I feel confident in for the whole day is a wonderful and luxurious feeling that makes me feel powerful and secure in what I’m wearing. No better feeling than that.

I paired this Reznor with a simple self drafted grey jersey tank top and some loafers to let the skirt shine and to combat the summer heat. Normally I’d wear this skirt with a Nikko Top or a sweater but I am all for the fact that this skirt can be worn casual or dressy, day or night, etc. The fabric is a perfect all around choice as well as the design is subtle and easy on the eyes but still demands attention for its gorgeous floral details.

Overall, I’ll be wearing this skirt again and again. Happy to add another gorgeous staple to my closet options! I hope you find joy and inspiration in this combination too! Happy making!


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