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Every Body Matters

Hey peeps! I’m finally back in the studio today after ‘disappearing’ for almost a week. And what a week it’s been! This always seems to happen when I unplug, something BIG happens and so many conversations are brought on by it that I feel like I’m seriously missing out. But in truth, it’s a great way to get my own thoughts put together.

Over the past few days, there have been some AMAZING conversations happening about size inclusivity in the sewing community. As always though, the truth is that something like this is always brought on by something negative.

Sewing is meant to be something that is enjoyed by everyone and one of the reasons for sewing for some of us is the trouble we have finding RTW that fits our bodies. This can be exceptionally hard for people that don’t fit in traditional sizing. Society puts a huge pressure on us to fit and conform into a specific body type or size, and therefore, society tends to cater to that size or style. This winds up extending into pattern blocks and subsequently sewing pattern sizing.

It’s a disadvantage to everyone to exclude a portion of the population just because of their size.

I know for myself, I fit within the bounds of society, but I also do believe in the fact that I have a ‘real’ body that doesn’t conform to society’s standards. That’s why I’ve included the photo I have in this article, because no matter my body shape, I still strive to be happy and ‘me’ and hey look…. I have lots of extra stuff around the middle too!

That’s also why it’s just as important for me to say that size inclusivity matters! Attention needs to be paid. The work needs to be done by every individual.

There is so much good information out there! I would highly suggest that you do some research yourself and I’ll link to articles, sites and individuals here:

Inclusive Sizing by Curvy Sewing Collective and a plathory of other articles over at Curvy Sewing Collective including a list of sewing pattern designers that offer wider size ranges

Plus Size Pattern Companies by The Green Violet that has recently been compiled with company’s largest hip measurements.

-Highly recommend checking out Leila Kelleher who is a great voice in the community and happens to be co-owner of Muna and Broad.

-Other great voices are: Valerie LeClair, Kenzie, Jess and Jenny… seriously these are just but a few!

-So many great articles over at Fat Sewing Club, they discuss everything from why individual might be sewing, to calling out for adaptive clothing to views about the body.

Along with all this info, I’m hoping to incorporate certain things in future posts. I will strive to incorporate maximum sizing of patterns that we sell and patterns that have been used in makes for the shop. As we look to build on our sewing pattern section of the shop, I hope to make sure to stock pattern companies that align with our views, either that have an extended size range or that are in the process of extending their sizing.

I realize this is but a small part of what can be done. And I hope that we can do more! This is our first step towards helping create a more inclusive community ❤️

*sewing pattern in the picture is the Briar Sweater and Tee by Megan Nielsen that goes up to size 20

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  1. Val says:

    Thank you for talking about this! Most of the fabric companies have just been silent during this conversation and it’s nice to have some vocal support around sizing inclusivity from an ally!

  2. kklisures123 says:

    Hello. And Bye.

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