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Quilted Jacket Inspiration

Summer always seems to whizz right by. One minute you’re in your swimsuit, sitting by the water and enjoying a peaceful moment with a cool drink in your hand… And the next moment the nights are already getting cool, and it’s time to start thinking about adding length to your clothes or layers in your wardrobe.

As the fall approaches, I’ve had a lot of things on my mind. So many things from the last season that have brought inspiration that I like to see being carried over into this coming season. One of which is my favourite to date.

It brings memories of wandering around the forest, warming by an outdoor fire and just plain coziness. Of course I’m referring to the quilted jacket!

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The only downfall with the quilted jacket trend though, is the quilting needing to be done before the sewing of the actual jacket. If I’m honest with you AND myself, quilting is just not my forte. As much as I wish I could sew up all these beautiful quilts, I never seem be able to finish more then a handful of blocks before I get discouraged.

In comes this lovely fabric!

This Merchant and Mills Jacquard Cotton is a layered fabric made of a fine cotton, a gauzy cotton and a layer of thicker yarned cotton, sandwiched together with a half square pattern. There is zero batting, and the thicker yarned layer is what gives the fabric it’s ‘quilted’ look.

These fabrics make a great option if you’re like me, and don’t want to do the actual quilting portion of the quilted jacket. There are so many great patterns that would pair well with this fabric that we’ve decided to put together a quick list of patterns for you.

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Quilted jackets have become so popular over the course of the past year. And it’s a trend train I whole heartedly plan to jump on!

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  1. Rae says:

    I’ve been totally sucked in by the quilted jacket trend as well. I’ve pieced most of my quilted pieces, but you’re right: the quilting is what’s holding me back from moving forward. Love this inspo post!!!

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