Sommar Camisole


Sommar Camisole


The Sommar Camisole is a tight fitting top for knits with elastane. It features a built in shelf bralette, front scoop neck and a back straight neckline, you can switch it around to have the straight neckline in front if you would like. The neck- and armbands are 1/2” wide and fully enclosed. You can choose hip or cropped hem length. You can also just make the bralette portion of the pattern to make a bikini or yoga top. This pattern is geared toward advanced beginners.
You will learn:

•How to sew with knits.
•How to sew double fold bands for a clean, professional finish.
•How to install a bralette.


This pattern is specifically made for knits with a high percentage of stretch and recovery. It will not work in knits without elastane, such as 100% cotton jersey. Choose fabric with at least 50% stretch. The top will have a different feel depending on the weight and thickness of your fabric. Choose a lower weight fabric around 4-6 oz/sq yard for a lounge camisole. Choose a mid-weight 6-9 oz/sq yard for an everyday top. Choose something heavier around 9-12 oz/sq yard for a more compressive, sports bra fit. For beginners, it is recommended to use Cotton with Elastane, as it is more stable and easier to work with than for example Rayon. (Sometimes Elastane is called Spandex in the fiber content.) A rib knit will work in this pattern, but due to it’s very stretchy nature, you should size down once or twice, and it will not be very supportive for larger busts. Your fabric choice will be very important in how the final garment fits you. Any of these fiber combinations will work well:

Cotton/Elastane, Rayon/Elastane, Tencel/Elastane, Modal/Elastane, Bamboo/Elastane, Merino/Elastane.


Choose a soft elastic, also called lingerie/boxer/knit elastic for a comfortable, low support hold. For a larger bust, or if making an athletic top, you may want to choose a wider and/or harder elastic, called non-roll elastic.

The Pattern Includes:
– Sewing instructions with clear illustrations for each step
– Layered A4/Letter print at home
– Layered A0/COPYSHOP
– Layered Projector file


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